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Average Auto Insurance Rates for Orange, Texas

Average Annual Insurance Rate

The Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates for , Texas

Provider Annual Insurance Rate

The Most Popular Auto Insurance Providers in Orange, Texas

Provider Annual Auto Insurance Rate Monthly Auto Insurance Rate
Allstate $277 $277
Liberty Insurance $1014 $1014
Nationwide $250 $250
State Farm $384 $384

Does credit score affect Orange Auto insurance rates?

Credit Score Average Annual Insurance Rate
Average $945
Poor $1187
Good $786
Yes! Your credit rating can impact the price you pay for Orange Auto Insurance up to $401 per year. Our analysis shows Orange auto insurance shoppers with poor credit will pay up to 51% higher rates than shoppers with good credit. Auto insurance shoppers eith poor credit will pay rates that are 31% higher than people with average credit and average credit rate shoppers will pay 20% higher rates than shoppers with good credit.