USAA’s Financial Ratings

What Are USAA’s Financial Ratings?

The USAA customer rating index indicates readiness to handle financial obligations that directly impact USAA insurance ratings.

AM Best

What is a good customer rating index? USAA home insurance rating or vehicle scores come from independent analysts. For example, USAA is an A++ rating for AM Best.


The USAA S&P rating shows USAA vehicle insurance ratings as an AA-rated option. 

USAA Reviews

Browse a variety of USAA home insurance reviews right here with Texas Insurance Ratings. We also offer USAA auto insurance and USAA insurance agents reviews across the region.

Is USAA a Good Insurance Company?

  Rev prov Name Reviews Total Reviews

USAA reviews are great, as USAA vehicle insurance ratings remain high. There are also many options for specific company reviews of “USAA agent reviews near me” available:


For USAA reviews, BBB gives the company 1.24/5 for 624 reviews.

Google Reviews

USAA’s SafePilot app received 2.6 out of 5 stars on Google Apps.

J.D. Power

USAA got a “five-circle” rating from J.D. Power in Texas.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports gave USAA excellent ratings across the board.

Texas Complaint Stats

USAA reports over 1,400 complaints on the BBB website for their services. 

USAA Company History

Texas Insurance Ratings explores the USAA mission statement and company history below.

USAA History

What is USAA, and who is USAA owned by? 25 US Army officers started the company in 1922 as an auto insurance company service in San Antonio. However, the USAA net worth has skyrocketed since those early days.

Here are some USAA fun facts:

  • Maj. Walter Moore was its first member
  • The company started using punch-card machines in the 1950s
  • USAA reached one million members by 1969

The USAA headquarters remain in San Antonio, Texas, but it has changed hands. The Charles Schwab Corporation now owns USAA after purchasing the historic American company in 2019.

Texas Market Share

USAA controls a significant portion of the insurance market in the state of Texas, including:

  • 8.5% of the auto insurance market for private vehicles
  • 10% of the home insurance market via direct premiums

These rates reflect a steady increase, and USAA reached around $40 billion in net worth by 2020.

USAA in the Community

USAA’s mission statement has remained constant since its inception. It aims to encourage the financial security of:

  • Members
  • Associates
  • Families

In keeping with this vision, the company’s leaders have worked tirelessly for the good of the communities in which they operate in Texas and countrywide. Its primary focus on community is giving back to those who need it most through charitable contributions and fundraising efforts. 

The company also supports nationwide initiatives for social change. For example, their community work focuses on encouraging racial equality, ending hunger and homelessness, and encouraging education in STEM fields across underprivileged communities.  


USAA understood the strain of global events on many members, including the recent pandemic. It offered much-needed financial assistance to its eligible members, including suspending policy cancellations throughout the start of the pandemic.

Policy cancellations resumed throughout Texas in 2021, but there is ongoing assistance available for life and health insurance.

USAA’s Online Presence

USAA’s traditional roots have not diminished its commanding online presence among insurance companies. The website provides information about products and offers relevant advice. It also allows members to file claims online, expediting the process.

Several social media accounts increase its visibility and connection with members, including Facebook and Twitter platforms.

USAA’s Commercials

What does USAA do? The USAA commercials focus on answering this question, and the company often uses member testimonials for this purpose. It also frequently includes customer reviews, avoiding mainstream advertising gimmicks.

Commercials also focus on USAA’s military connection, Army founding members, and expansion to members of other armed services branches.

USAA’s Employees

As of 2017, USAA employed over 32,000 people. Most of these employees were part of Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980). However, the company is careful to include a diversity of age, ethnicity, and cultural associations in its workforce.

Most USAA employees work for the company for no more than five years, and only 11% of its employees remained with the company for over twenty years. In general, employees consider USAA a great place to work.

USAA received a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating from employees on Glassdoor, and 65% say they would recommend the company to a friend.

USAA Homeowners Insurance Rates

The team at Texas Insurance Ratings is happy to review USAA home insurance costs on request.

How much is USAA Homeowners insurance?

USAA Insurance Homeowners Insurance Policy Coverage Comparisons

Named Peril USAA Insurance Basic Form Coverage HO-A (H0-1) USAA Insurance Broad Form Coverage HO-A+ (HO-2) USAA Insurance Special Form Coverage HO-B (HO-3)
Fire Yes Yes Yes
Lightning Yes Yes Yes
Riot and Civil Commotion Yes Yes Yes
Explosions Yes Yes Yes
Wind and Hail Yes Yes Yes
Smoke Yes Yes Yes
Sprinkler Leak Yes Yes Yes
Sinkhole Collapse Yes Yes Yes
Volcano Yes Yes Yes
Vehicles and Aircraft Yes Yes Yes
Vandalism Yes Yes Yes
Water Damage No Yes Yes
Weight of Snow or Ice/Sleet No Yes Yes
Falling Objects No Yes Yes
Glass No Yes Yes
Collapse No Yes Yes
Theft and Burglary No No Yes
Full Glass Coverage No No Yes
Leaky Roof No No Yes
Pretty Much Everything Else* No No Yes

USAA Insurance Homeowners Policy Exclusions

USAA Insurance may exclude coverage for specific losses. Even the most comprehensive all-risk policy will exclude certain types of loss or damage.

Common exclusions include:
  • Flood
  • Earthquakes
  • Termites, insects, rats, or mice
  • Freezing pipes while your house is unoccupied
  • Losses if your house is vacant for the number of days specified by your policy
  • Wear and tear or maintenance
  • Wind or hail damage to trees and shrubs
  • Mold, except necessary costs to repair or replace property damage caused by a covered water loss and
    water damage resulting from continuous and repeated leakage or seepage.
USAA Insurance may allow you to buy full or limited coverage for excluded perils, such as:
  • Flood
  • Earthquakes
  • Continuous and repeated leakage or seepage of water
  • Vacant property
  • Mold remediation

HO-C Policies in Texas

While most people find HO-B policies to be sufficient, there is one policy that covers more, the HO-C covers all perils and contents. There are the usual exclusions, but if you have great credit and need additional no-fuss coverage for personal property damages, it may be the way to go.

USAA Insurance Average Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates

City Average Annual USAA Insurance Homeowner Insurance Rate
Houston $2484
Dallas $1436
Fort Worth $1469
San Antonio $1228
Austin $1136
Mckinney $1681
Edinburg $1527
El Paso $1043
Denton $1711
Richmond $2751
Conroe $1453
Georgetown $1221
Brownsville $1520
Angleton $3379
Corpus Christi $1804
Belton $1094
Galveston $3898
Lubbock $1504
Laredo $915
Beaumont $2280
Waco $1265

Is USAA Home Insurance Expensive?

USAA homeowners insurance coverage remains inexpensive in Texas, and the company remains in the Top 10 cheapest insurance options available.

How Much Is USAA Insurance Monthly?

Experts at USAA quote home insurance prices annually for some policies, and USAA monthly insurance rates are well within the industry average.

Does USAA Have Good Homeowners Insurance?

Do you want a USAA home insurance review? It has goo reviews for standard coverage and low rates. 

Types of USAA Homeowners Policies

Texas Insurance Ratings explores the USAA homeowners insurance coverage options below after the USAA homeowners policy changes (2020) on USAA dwelling (Coverage A) and USAA Personal Property (Coverage B).

What Does USAA Homeowners Policy Cover?

The USAA homeowners policy booklet handles:

  • Water, wind, lightning, power surges, and hail damage
  • Fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and injuries
  • Loss of refrigerated products

Does USAA Have Good Homeowner’s Insurance?

A.M. Best gave USAA homeowners endorsements an A++ rating. USAA also ranked #2 among homeowner’s insurance companies in 2021.

What 3 Areas Are Covered in a Typical Homeowners Policy?

USAA covers the inside and outside of your home and other structures on the property.

USAA Discounts

Texas Insurance Ratings lists the options for a USAA discount (COVID and USAA loyalty discount included).

What Discounts Does USAA Offer?

Is the USAA discounts list expanding? In terms of a favorable USAA discount, coronavirus is not the only factor. Savings options now extend to:

  • Safe drivers
  • A good student discount
  • USAA families
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Low mileage
  • Military installation
  • Length of USAA membership

How Can I Lower My USAA Insurance?

USAA home insurance discounts partner well with insurance discounts for drivers who practice defensive driving and receive driver training.

How Do I Get A USAA Safe Driving Discount?

Five or more years of a clean driving record gives drivers access to a safe driving discount.

Does USAA Offer AARP Discounts?

No. AARP discounts are not currently available at USAA.

USAA Auto Insurance Rates

Texas Insurance Ratings reviews USAA insurance rates for easy comparison.

How Much Is USAA Car Insurance Per Month?

The USAA insurance quote on vehicles in Texas reached an average monthly price of $183 in 2020.

Is USAA Insurance Expensive?

The USAA full-coverage cost is lower than other auto insurance quotes in Texas. However, the company only offers coverage to past and current military members and their families.

Is USAA a Good Car Insurance Company?

USAA customer service and insurance coverage are excellent, with high ratings from multiple third-party agencies.

What Is Full Coverage Insurance USAA?

Full coverage insurance includes collision, liability, and comprehensive USAA coverage in Texas.

USAA Renters Insurance Rates

Texas Insurance Ratings lists all you need to know about USAA renter’s insurance rates and USAA renter’s insurance claims.

How Much Is Renters Insurance Through USAA?

USAA Average Texas Renters Insurance Rates

City Average Annual USAA Renters Insurance Rate
Houston $268
Houston $306
Houston $279
Dallas $186
Dallas $201
Dallas $175
Fort Worth $186
Fort Worth $201
Fort Worth $175
San Antonio $237
San Antonio $228
San Antonio $222
Austin $225
Austin $242
Austin $210
McKinney $197
McKinney $226
McKinney $210
Edinburg $335
Edinburg $382
Edinburg $350
El Paso $199
El Paso $228
El Paso $212
Denton $210
Denton $197
Denton $226
Richmond $350
Richmond $335
Richmond $382
Conroe $202
Conroe $232
Conroe $215
Georgetown $255
Georgetown $222
Georgetown $237
Brownsville $295
Brownsville $336
Brownsville $308
Angleton $342
Angleton $311
Angleton $300
Corpus Christi $380
Corpus Christi $345
Corpus Christi $335
Belton $236
Belton $237
Belton $222
Galveston $279
Galveston $306
Galveston $268
Lubbock $212
Lubbock $228
Lubbock $199
Laredo $212
Laredo $228
Laredo $199
Beaumont $297
Beaumont $339
Beaumont $311
Waco $197
Waco $210
Waco $226

A USAA renter’s insurance policy is exceptionally reasonable. However, policy additions quickly add to this base price.

Does USAA Offer Renters Insurance Discounts?

USAA offers client discounts for home security monitoring and bundling auto and renter insurance policies.

How Much Does 300k Renters Insurance Cost?

USAA cheap renter’s insurance is widely available for a $300,000 threshold at a reasonable rate per month.

Does USAA Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Yes. USAA offers favorable rental car insurance options.

USAA Condo Insurance Rates

Texas Insurance Ratings stays updated on USAA condo insurance reviews and rates with the USAA h06 insurance changes. 

Does USAA Offer Condo Insurance?

Yes. Members can apply for a USAA condominium unit owner’s policy.

How Much Does Condo Homeowners Insurance Cost?

A USAA condo insurance quote ranges for cities in Texas, so it is best to check with our agency.

USAA Average Texas Condo Insurance Rates

City Average Annual USAA Condominium Insurance Rate
Houston $892
Houston $1084
Houston $1072
Dallas $1030
Dallas $1199
Dallas $1124
Fort Worth $862
Fort Worth $913
Fort Worth $970
San Antonio $920
San Antonio $829
San Antonio $985
Austin $784
Austin $836
Austin $712
McKinney $930
McKinney $1072
McKinney $1007
Edinburg $652
Edinburg $769
Edinburg $717
El Paso $941
El Paso $939
El Paso $1028
Denton $941
Denton $1012
Denton $1077
Richmond $1232
Richmond $1156
Conroe $962
Conroe $1028
Conroe $862
Georgetown $715
Georgetown $828
Georgetown $776
Brownsville $741
Brownsville $896
Brownsville $837
Angleton $1424
Angleton $1743
Angleton $1370
Corpus Christi $1200
Corpus Christi $999
Corpus Christi $1126
Belton $775
Belton $675
Belton $730
Galveston $1751
Galveston $1650
Galveston $1434
Lubbock $1108
Lubbock $1189
Lubbock $1067
Laredo $812
Laredo $690
Laredo $702
Beaumont $1212
Beaumont $1063
Beaumont $1289
Waco $858
Waco $998
Waco $935

How Much Coverage Do I Need for Condo Insurance?

Your condo insurance coverage needs will vary depending upon the insurance offered by the condo association.

Is Insurance Cheaper on a Condo?

USAA offers cheaper condo insurance quotes with great rates compared to general home insurance. However, condo insurance costs more than renter’s insurance overall.

Coverages Offered by USAA

Texas Insurance Ratings explores USAA coverage codes for a quick review on the company’s products, like USAA full-coverage insurance.

Types of Coverages Offered

USAA endorsement codes and insurance coverage extend to:

  • Comprehensive,
  • Collision,
  • Liability,
  • Full coverage, and
  • USAA uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured coverage.

A USAA auto policy booklet offers sufficient information about all these policies in Texas and other states.

When You Are at Fault

USAA provides coverage for owners if the police consider them at fault in a car accident in Texas. Liability insurance kicks in during these situations with two primary liability insurance options, namely:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage

USAA offers comprehensive cover for bodily injury and property damage after collisions.

When You Are Not at Fault

Texas uses tort law to prosecute auto accidents in the state. Legally, the driver who is responsible for the accident must cover the other person’s losses. The USAA car insurance policy will revert to the other driver’s insurance coverage in this case because it should apply if someone else caused the accident.

Vehicle Protection

USAA provides car insurance to help with vehicle protection across the state of Texas. Comprehensive insurance offers you compensation for vehicle repairs or even replacement. Drivers use this kind of insurance when they hit an animal or experience damage in the wake of a natural event, such as a severe hailstorm.

Personal Protection

The USAA liability insurance options provide members with protection in the event of an accident. Since Texas is a tort state, another driver will be able to legally come after someone’s assets if they caused a car accident. Liability insurance should cover these expenses, protecting personal assets from legal garnishment.

Additional Car Insurance Options

What does USAA full-coverage auto insurance cover? Typically, it bundles comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance products. The three-in-one system generally costs more than buying just one form of coverage, but it is worth it in Texas.

USAA’s uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage for accidents with a driver who has insufficient insurance.

Factors That Affect Your Rate

Several factors impact how much applicants will have to pay for reliable auto insurance in Texas from companies like USAA. Generally, drivers pay lower rates for insurance if they possess a good driving record with no prior accidents. Drivers with more expensive cars generally pay higher rates for car insurance.

Getting The Best Rate With USAA

Texas Insurances Rates understands the importance of securing the best rate for local car insurance, and USAA provides several exciting products. Customers may find discounts on USAA insurance if they have multiple cars or are a long-term member. It also offers a discounted rate for good drivers and dedicated students who achieve high grades.

Other ways to lower the USAA premium include raising the deductible to bring down your monthly premium. USAA also reduces rates for any drivers who install anti-theft devices and drivers who opt to receive paperless bills. All these options add up for the best insurance rates.

USAA’s Programs

USAA has a specific safe driving program that helps members save money on car insurance. For example, the SafePilot app allows drivers to save 10% as soon as they enroll. The app then logs information each time you drive, leading to potential monthly discounts of up to 30% with USAA products.

Canceling Your USAA Policy

Can USAA cancel my insurance? How do you find a USAA refund or USAA cancellation notice? Learn more about how to cancel USAA policy options with Texas Insurance Ratings.

How to Cancel (Step-by-Step Guide)

Policyholders can cancel policies, and USAA can cancel the policy, as well. 

By Phone

Cancel a USAA policy over the phone at 1 (800) 531-8722. Provide the SSN and relevant information, and cancel the account.

By Mail or Fax

USAA no longer uses faxes, but there is a detachable portion on paper bills for members to cancel. Most drivers cancel accounts online.


There are no in-person options to cancel a policy, but drivers can cancel a policy online or through the USAA app.

When Can I Cancel?

Members can cancel a USAA policy at any time, as long as there is already another insurance policy set up for the vehicle. Alternatively, ask about more options through the USAA policy lookup. Be sure to take note of the possible USAA policy change fee if you do choose another product.

How to Make a USAA Claim

Below, Texas Insurance Ratings reviews how to make a USAA claim or USAA medical payments claim with a USAA claims number (Texas and the surrounding areas).

Ease of Making a Claim

USAA makes it easy to claim after an auto accident, especially with the USAA claims FAQ on the website for basic questions. Generally, customers file a claim from a computer or mobile device. It only takes a few moments to enter your information onto an online form, or you can call the customer service line. 

How do I check the status of my USAA claim? The primary USAA claims phone number is (800) 531-USAA, which works for drivers in Texas who have questions about claims or want to track information. 

Premiums Written

The amount a driver can receive from a USAA claim depends partially on the monthly premium. The portion represents the money paid to USAA every month to maintain insurance coverage based on a policy’s worth. You are only able to file a claim if you paid premiums to the company.

Loss Ratio

The loss ratio plays an important role in insurance, comparing how much the company earns in premiums against how much it pays in claims to its customers. A low loss ratio generally means more funds available to provide claims payouts.

USAA’s loss ratio has increased in the past few years, which is good confirmation for customers who want a guaranteed payout on their future insurance claims. It is also why USAA follows most other insurance companies in offering driver incentives to avoid accidents. It is far healthier for the financial department when a company does not have to pay out as much in claims if most drivers avoid accidents in Texas, which is why they encourage “safe” drivers. 

Many insurance companies also raise the rates for drivers who do end up in accidents to protect the loss ratio. For example, USAA will raise the rates for drivers who make more frequent claims to safeguard the company’s cashflow through regular premium payments.

Loss ratios should not be an issue after a collision, though. Recovery is the most important factor, and USAA makes it easy to file a claim if a car, truck, or motorcycle ruins your day. File quickly and get back on the road.

How to Get a USAA Quote Online

Work with Texas Insurance Ratings and find out how to get online USAA insurance quotes.

Step #1 — Ask About USAA

Before you ask for a USAA auto insurance quote or USAA home insurance quote, make sure that you review USAA’s services for details.

Step #2 — Enter Your ZIP Code

You’ll need to provide a ZIP code during a USAA quote call or an online quote request.

Step #3 — Enter Your Information

You need to provide information about where you live and work.

Step #4 — Agree to the Privacy Policy

Before proceeding, you must agree to allow USAA to use some of your information for marketing and data purposes.

Step #5 — Get Your Car Info Ready

Collect basic information about your vehicle before proceeding, and have that on hand when making the call.

Step #6 — Determine Your Car’s Make and Model

You must enter the make and model of your car to get insurance, as this determines the premiums and payout options on your policy.

Step #7 — Save Your Progress

Save the information as you go so that you don’t have to start again if something interrupts your online application.

Step #8 — Add Drivers

Enter all drivers who will operate your car, even if these are not primary drivers for daily use.

Step #9 — Get Help if You Need It

Contact USAA customer service at any point for help or guidance in the process.

Step #10 — Get Your Personalized Quotes

Receive a quote for your vehicle and review the figures before you decide to continue.

What You’ll Need to Apply

If you are happy with the quote, you will need to give the company information about your vehicle, driver’s license, and payment method to continue. 

USAA Mobile App

Learn about the USAA mobile app (Google Play or Apple Store) from Texas Insurance Ratings.

Is There an App For USAA?

Yes. There is a USAA app for new drivers and a general mobile app on Google Play and the Apple Store.

How Do I Download the USAA App?

Download the app from an online marketplace with your USAA ID card online. The USAA Mobile app is free to download.

How Does the USAA App Work?

The USAA app lets you pay your bills, access a mobile wallet, and contact USAA customer service agents.

How Do I Sign Up for the USAA App?

Connect the app directly to your USAA account after downloading it by using your USAA login.