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State Farm Homeowners Insurance Ratings
AM Best Ratings
A- (Big Blue)
Texas Dept of Insurance Complaint Score
.4586 = X Stars

NAIC Complaint Score:

Founded 1922
Home Office Bloomington, Illinois
Texas Homeowners Policies 1,162,624
Rank - Texas Top Ten Homeowner Insurance Policies 1st
Fortune 500 Rank 36

State Farm's Financial Ratings

What are State Farm’s Financial Ratings?

State Farm insurance ratings have remained consistently high throughout their years of operation. They also rank exceptionally well in A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings, two highly trusted accreditation bodies that hold the highest financial stability and performance standards.

AM Best

AM Best has given State Farm an A++ – the highest possible rating – across State Farm vehicle insurance ratings to State Farm home insurance ratings.


With a high State Farm S&P rating of AA - the second-highest rating - it’s not surprising that the State Farm customer rating index is also healthy, meaning many clients trust in their capability to pay claims.

State Farm Company History

State Farm History

Like most established companies that operate nationwide, State Farm once had humble beginnings. George Jacob Mecherle, a retired insurance salesman and farmer, founded the company in 1922 to provide auto insurance for his fellow Bloomington farmers. Since then, State Farm has spread its reach across all US states and ranks 36 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies.

We can condense the State Farm mission statement into the words from their famous slogan, “Being a good neighbor.” This catchphrase was recognized back in 1971 when acclaimed songwriter Barry Manilow developed a jingle for the company that includes the line: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

Texas Market Share

State Farm is a massive insurance giant that offers over a hundred finance services and products for life and health, property and casualty, mutual funds, banking, and annuities. So, it’s not surprising that the State Farm net worth last year – despite the pandemic – ended with $126.1 billion, and they currently hold the highest market share of 16%.

State Farm in the Community

What does State Farm do for the community? Since its inception, the company has spearheaded various programs that seek to minimize physical injury and property loss. One example of their efforts is helping pass several seat belt laws and regulations on teen driving.

As the country’s largest insurance firm, they work with charity organizations to support financial literacy programs. They also fund projects that enable home ownership, improve road safety, and provide quality education.

State Farm Covid Relief

What is State Farm doing for the pandemic? In April 2020, they announced the Good Neighbor Relief Program, a $2 billion dividend that will go directly to their auto insurance customers. They also lowered their insurance rates to match the reduction claims and driving distances.

State Farm’s Online Presence

While the State Farm headquarters and their numerous branches across the country are open to all, they also have a very active on line presence.

You can check their website if you learn more about services or directly get a quote. The company also developed a convenient mobile app – for both Apple and Android users – where you can reach out to their agents directly or go through your policy’s details.

State Farm’s Commercials

State Farm employs various advertising tactics to grab the viewers’ attention. One of their more popular commercial series is “Jake from State Farm,” where the recurring insurance agent Jake connects with different consumers by offering them rates tailored to their unique situations.

State Farm’s Employees

You can learn a lot from how a business treats its employees, and State Farm seems to be doing well in keeping most of its workforce satisfied. In Glassdoor, their average employee review is three out of five stars. Employees who left reviews on Payscale gave an average rating of 3.3 out of five.

State Farm has also won various awards on employee treatment in the past two years, including:

  • Military-Friendly Employer

  • Top Company for Women Technologists

  • National Recognition for Equality

  • Top Companies for Executive Women

  • FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies

  • Best Companies to Create Inclusive Workplaces

  • Best Companies for Dads

  • Working Mother 100 Best Companies

State Farm Reviews

  Rev prov Name Reviews Total Reviews
Better Business Bureau 1.32 213
Better Business Bureau - Customer Reviews 1.32 213
Google 4.30 472
Texas TDI 5.00
Indeed 3.70 12519
Glassdoor 3.70 12000
TexasInsuranceRatings 4.20
JD Power 4.20
Consumer Reports 4.20

Is State Farm a Good Insurance Company?

Are you looking up “state farm agent reviews near me” or “state farm insurance agents reviews” to find a measure of the company’s performance?

You don’t have to go through countless State Farm vehicle insurance ratings and State Farm home insurance reviews because we’ve compiled State Farm’s ratings from previous clients and accreditation bodies for your convenience.


The company is currently not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the average State Farm reviews on BBB are on the lower end of the 5-star spectrum.

Google Reviews

State Farm’s main headquarters currently hold a 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews, while many of its Texas branches maintain a high rating of over four stars. Their insurance agents across the State also rank consistently high, with some even having a perfect five-star score.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power’s 2020 ratings give State Farm auto insurance 842 out of 1000, which signifies high customer satisfaction.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, a non-profit company that factors customer insight on their ratings, gives State farm a score of 89 out of 100.

Texas Department of Insurance Complaint Stats

The NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) gives State Farm a complaint index ratio of 0.57, which measures the number of client complaints compared to the direct premiums written. This number is well below the national average of 1.16.

State Farm Homeowners Insurance Rates

How Much is State Farm Homeowners Insurance?

Several factors will influence your State Farm home insurance cost, including:

  • The location, age, and construction of your home

  • Your credit and claims history

  • Your estimated replacement costs

  • Your marital status

  • Your coverage

Is State Farm Home Insurance Expensive?

State Farm insurance rates are competitive when compared to other established providers.

How Much is State Farm Insurance Monthly?

The cost of State farm home insurance varies widely depending on the factors we’ve listed above. On average, El Paso residents enjoy the cheapest State Farm homeowners insurance coverage ($135), while those living in Houston have the highest monthly bills ($385).

State Farm Homeowners Insurance Policy Coverage Comparisons

Named Peril State Farm Basic Form Coverage HO-A (H0-1) State Farm Broad Form Coverage HO-A+ (HO-2) State Farm Special Form Coverage HO-B (HO-3)
Fire Yes Yes Yes
Lightning Yes Yes Yes
Riot and Civil Commotion Yes Yes Yes
Explosions Yes Yes Yes
Wind and Hail Yes Yes Yes
Smoke Yes Yes Yes
Sprinkler Leak Yes Yes Yes
Sinkhole Collapse Yes Yes Yes
Volcano Yes Yes Yes
Vehicles and Aircraft Yes Yes Yes
Vandalism Yes Yes Yes
Water Damage No Yes Yes
Weight of Snow or Ice/Sleet No Yes Yes
Falling Objects No Yes Yes
Glass No Yes Yes
Collapse No Yes Yes
Theft and Burglary No No Yes
Full Glass Coverage No No Yes
Leaky Roof No No Yes
Pretty Much Everything Else* No No Yes

State Farm Homeowners Policy Exclusions

State Farm may exclude coverage for specific losses. Even the most comprehensive all-risk policy will exclude certain types of loss or damage.

Common exclusions include:
  • Flood
  • Earthquakes
  • Termites, insects, rats, or mice
  • Freezing pipes while your house is unoccupied
  • Losses if your house is vacant for the number of days specified by your policy
  • Wear and tear or maintenance
  • Wind or hail damage to trees and shrubs
  • Mold, except necessary costs to repair or replace property damage caused by a covered water loss and
    water damage resulting from continuous and repeated leakage or seepage.
State Farm may allow you to buy full or limited coverage for excluded perils, such as:
  • Flood
  • Earthquakes
  • Continuous and repeated leakage or seepage of water
  • Vacant property
  • Mold remediation

HO-C Policies in Texas

While most people find HO-B policies to be sufficient, there is one policy that covers more, the HO-C covers all perils and contents. There are the usual exclusions, but if you have great credit and need additional no-fuss coverage for personal property damages, it may be the way to go.

State Farm Average Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates

City Average Annual State Farm Homeowner Insurance Rate
Houston $4630
Dallas $3454
Fort Worth $3309
San Antonio $2624
Austin $2289
Mckinney $3302
Edinburg $3382
El Paso $1627
Denton $3467
Richmond $3761
Conroe $2520
Georgetown $2038
Brownsville $4175
Angleton $4214
Corpus Christi $3825
Belton $2245
Galveston $4274
Lubbock $3077
Laredo $2275
Beaumont $4292
Waco $2503

If you’re interested in purchasing a policy, you can get a State Farm quote for home insurance by consulting with one of their agents.

Does State Farm Have Good Homeowners Insurance?

Yes. Based on our own State Farm home insurance review and many others, the company offers a versatile line of homeowners insurance and many generous discounts to help lower the costs.

Types of State Farm Homeowners Policies

What Does State Farm Homeowners Policy Cover?

A standard State Farm homeowners insurance coverage includes damages to your home, outbuildings, and their contents due to fire, storms, theft, and liability protection to help with legal and medical costs if others get injured on your property. It also includes loss-of-use coverage that can help you pay for meals and lodgings until your home is ready.

If you want to learn more about the latest State Farm homeowners policy changes in 2020 or the State Farm homeowners endorsements, you can check their website or reach out to your agent for the details. You can also download their homeowners policy booklet and get more comprehensive info on your coverage.

Does State Farm Have Good Homeowners Insurance?

State Farm homeowners insurance is a solid choice if you prefer to work closely with an agent to create a policy that best fits your needs. They also offer coverage options for condo unit owners like the State Farm dwelling coverage A and the State Farm personal property coverage B.

What are 3 Areas Covered in a Typical Homeowners Policy?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover:

  • damage and destruction to a property’s interior and exterior

  • the theft or of possessions

  • personal liability for harm to others

State Farm Discounts

What Discounts Does State Farm Offer?

The State Farm discounts list is pretty substantial, and it includes:

  • State Farm loyalty discount. Getting multiple State Farm policies will help lower your insurance premiums.

  • State Farm home insurance discounts. Enjoy lower prices by installing home monitoring systems on your property or using strong roofing materials.

  • Good student discount. State Farm offers long-lasting savings for students with a B average, 3.0 GPA, or are part of the top 20% in their class.

  • State Farm discount for coronavirus. The State Farm Good Neighbor Relief Program provides every Mutual Auto policyholder with dividend credits.

How Can I Lower My State Farm Insurance?

Frequently check the State Farm website or contact your agent for a complete list of their active discounts.

How do I Get a State Farm Safe Driving Discount?

If you’ve been a good driver for the past three years with zero at-fault accidents and moving violations under your name, you’re eligible to receive this discount.

Does State Farm Offer AARP Discounts?

If you’re part of the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), you can ask your State Farm insurance agent if they currently offer discounts for active members.

State Farm Auto Insurance Rates

How Much is State Farm Car Insurance per Month?

Your State Farm insurance costs may vary depending on several factors like your driving history, your car's condition, and your coverage options. You can get specific auto insurance quotes from their website or app.

Is State Farm Insurance Expensive?

State Farm features competitive prices that lie within the range of similarly established insurance providers.

Is State Farm a Good Car Insurance Company?

Despite their pricier offerings, the company makes up for this by providing numerous discounts and solid State Farm customer service.

What Is the Full Coverage Insurance from State Farm?

State Farm's full coverage cost is steep, but it pays to repair or replace covered vehicles when stolen or damaged due to most scenarios like wind, fire, flood, hail, vandalism, falling objects, and hitting an animal. If you're interested, you can get a State Farm insurance quote by speaking to one of their agents.

State Farm Renters Insurance Rates

How Much is Renters Insurance through State Farm?

To give you an idea of State Farm's renter insurance rates, Galveston renters make the average highest annual payments ($423), and Georgetown renters have the lowest ($147).

Does State Farm Offer Renters Insurance Discounts?

If you want cheap renters insurance, you can lower your policy to only a few dollars each month if you're also a State Farm auto insurance customer. You may also apply for home alert discounts if you have qualifying home security devices on your property.

State Farm Average Texas Renters Insurance Rates

City Average Annual State Farm Renters Insurance Rate
Houston $353
Dallas $288
Fort Worth $281
San Antonio $336
Austin $204
McKinney $217
Edinburg $276
El Paso $185
Denton $228
Richmond $317
Conroe $227
Georgetown $147
Brownsville $358
Angleton $349
Corpus Christi $393
Belton $185
Galveston $423
Lubbock $242
Laredo $237
Beaumont $349
Waco $225

How Much Does 300k Renters Insurance Cost?

Insurance costs can widely vary depending on which part of Texas you're in, so we recommend speaking to a State Farm agent for a specific quote.

Does State Farm Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

If you're already a State Farm auto insurance holder with collision and comprehensive coverage, then it will likely carry over to your rental car. Reach out to your agent if you want to know more about State Farm renters insurance claims.

State Farm Condo Insurance Rates

Does State Farm Offer Condo Insurance?

Yes. The State Farm H06 insurance – also known as condo insurance – can help protect your condo from theft, fire, and other covered damages. Many State Farm condo insurance reviews maintain a high average on line

How Much Does Condo Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Your State Farm condo insurance quote can vary depending on where you live, the condition of your condo, and the coverage you want. In Texas, condo owners in Georgetown pay the highest annual rates ($2337) on average, while those in Georgetown pay the lowest ($724).

State Farm Average Texas Condo Insurance Rates

City Average Annual State Farm Condominium Insurance Rate
Houston $1688
Dallas $1176
Fort Worth $1085
San Antonio $1344
Austin $946
McKinney $998
Edinburg $1431
El Paso $1022
Denton $1048
Conroe $840
Georgetown $724
Brownsville $1844
Angleton $1884
Corpus Christi $1910
Belton $1054
Galveston $2337
Lubbock $1306
Laredo $1169
Beaumont $1884
Waco $1034

How Much Coverage do I Need for Condo Insurance?

State Farm offers various coverage options for the building property itself, personal property, loss of use, loss assessment, and personal liability. An agent can give you the details on which ones you might need and provide condo insurance quotes.

Is Insurance Cheaper on a Condo?

Yes, a State Farm condominium unit owners policy is usually half the cost of a similar homeowners insurance policy. This pricing is because condo owners don't need as much dwelling coverage.

State Farm Average Texas Auto Insurance Rates

City Average Annual State Farm Auto Insurance Rate
Houston $1302
Beaumont $1192
Denton $1177
San Antonio $1157
Austin $1138
Dallas $1134
McKinney $1133
Edinburg $1124
Fort Worth $1122
Richmond $1096
Corpus Christi $1081
Brownsville $1075
Conroe $1048
Galveston $1037
Lubbock $996
El Paso $962
Georgetown $950
Laredo $935
Waco $924
Angleton $895
Belton $844
Houston $779
Beaumont $711
San Antonio $702
Edinburg $697
Denton $691
Brownsville $669
Austin $665
Dallas $663
McKinney $661
Fort Worth $661
Corpus Christi $656
Richmond $644
Conroe $617
Galveston $611
Lubbock $588
El Paso $579
Laredo $567
Georgetown $556
Waco $539
Angleton $524
Belton $492

Coverages Offered by State Farm

Types of Coverages Offered

What does the State Farm full coverage auto insurance cover? What's the difference between medical payments coverage and personal injury protection? Reading up on a dozen State Farm coverage codes can be overwhelming, but we can help you understand each one by sorting them into four categories:

When You Are at Fault:

If you're the responsible party in a vehicular accident, liability coverage will pay for the damages and injuries of the victims. Most states, including Texas, require at least $25,000 of property damage coverage, $30,000 of medical injury coverage, and up to a total of $60,000 per accident.

When You Are Not at Fault:

If the at-fault party has little to no coverage policy – despite the state requiring one – a State Farm uninsured motorist coverage will help cover for:

  • Lost wages

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain and suffering

  • Related car damages

Vehicle Protection:

State Farm's various vehicle protection policies include:

  • Collision coverage. State Farm will pay for your vehicle repairs and replacements after an accident.

  • Emergency road service. State Farm mechanics will quickly arrive at your location whenever you need a quick jump start, lockout, tire change, or any other emergency roadside service.

Personal Protection:

Medical expenses after an accident can be costly, so getting personal protection coverage is always worth considering:

  • Medical payments coverage. State Farm will cover your and your passenger's medical bills. They will also pay if you get hurt while walking, biking, using public transport, or riding someone else's vehicle.

  • Personal injury protection. Regardless of whether or not you're the victim in an accident, State Farm covers the medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, and other expenses.

Additional Car Insurance Options

Other coverage options offered by State Farm include:

  • Car rental and travel expenses coverage

  • Ride share driver coverage

  • New car replacement

  • Classic car coverage

  • Ride share coverage

  • Loan/lease payoff coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage

If you're not sure how much insurance you need, an agent can assess your case and recommend some suitable options.

Factors That Affect Your Rate

State Farm uses these seven factors to set your auto insurance rates:

  • Policy and deductibles

  • Vehicle model

  • Typical driving range and frequency

  • Driving record

  • Where you live in Texas

  • Credit history

  • Age, sex, and marital status

Getting the Best Rate with State Farm

If you want the most bang for your buck, we recommend consulting with a State Farm agent before locking down on a policy. They will help list down your needs and provide a quote that meets your budget. After choosing your coverage, you can remain up to date on State Farm endorsement codes by checking their auto policy booklet.

State Farm also offers numerous discounts to help lower your current rates, including the:

  • Good student discount. Save up to 25% on your policy if you have a 3.0 GPA, B, or you're part of your class's top 20%.

  • Good driving discount. Receive a discount when you have no at-fault accidents or moving violations on your driving record for at least three years.

State Farm's Programs

Are you currently under the State Farm full coverage insurance or something similarly pricey? You can lower your rate even further by joining their various programs, like the Steer Clear Safety Training. Eligible young drivers can learn and practice good driving habits, gain more confidence behind the wheel, and enjoy a discount on their car insurance, to boot.

Canceling Your State Farm Policy

How to Cancel (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you're on the fence about whether or not to cancel your insurance policy, here are some excellent reasons why you should:

  • You're selling your car

  • You won't be using your vehicle for a long time

  • You want less coverage

  • You found a better policy

  • You're moving to a different city

By Phone:

Before calling your State Farm agent, be sure to have your:

  • Name

  • Policy number and its start date

  • Birth date

  • Social Security Number

  • Date you want your policy to end

If applicable, also prepare your vehicle's bill of sale, your new provider's name, policy number, and date active.

By Mail or Fax

Make a formal letter that includes your address, contact number, and the details we've mentioned above. You should sign, date, and mail the letter at least two weeks before your intended cancellation date to State Farm's main headquarters.


You can go to one of State Farm's branches or reach out to your agent in person to cancel your policy.

When Can I Cancel?

You can cancel your policy any time, and in most cases, you won't need to pay a State Farm policy change fee and even receive a State Farm refund. You can also ask your agent for a State Farm policy lookup to double-check the cancellation.

How to Make a State Farm Claim

Ease of Making a Claim

Whether you need to make a State Farm medical payments claim or a collision claim, the process is swift and straightforward. Before you file one, make sure you have the following info:

  • Parties and vehicles involved

  • Description of the incident and the resulting damage

  • Description of the incident

Once ready, you can file a claim through any of these channels:

  • Call the state farm claims phone (800) 732-5246 or (800) SF-CLAIM

  • Reach out to your agent

  • File a form on their website

  • File a form on their mobile app

If you've already filed a claim, you might be asking, "How do I check the status of my state farm claim?". Simply go to their website's "Check Existing Claim" page to track their progress.

Premiums Written

If you're concerned about the status of your claim, we're here to soothe your worries. In the past several years, State Farm has held an excellent track record of total written premiums. Last year, the company had the highest written premiums ($66,153,063), beating their biggest competitor, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., by a large margin ($46,358,896).

Loss Ratio

Another way to assess State Farm's reliability is by checking its loss ratio, as it represents the ratio of losses to the premiums earned by a policy provider. We can calculate the loss ratio by combining the insurance claims paid and the adjustment expenses and dividing it by the total earned premiums. For example, a company making $90 in claims for every $180 in collected premiums would have a loss ratio of 50%.

What does this mean for policyholders? Simply put, higher loss ratios suggest that the provider is collecting more premiums than paying claims, which indicates financial distress. When loss ratios associated with your policy become excessive, your provider may choose not to renew the policy or raise your premiums.

In the past two years, State Farm's loss ratios have either gone down or maintained a healthy number, which is a good sign for both the company and its policyholders:

  • Auto insurance loss ratio 2019 vs. 2020: 77.1 to 66.8

  • Homeowners, CMP, and other insurance policies in 2019 vs. 2020: 64.73 to 66.07

If you have more questions and concerns, you will likely find the answers on the state farm claims FAQ.

How to Get a State Farm Quote On line

Step #1 — Ask About State Farm

Before getting insurance quotes and applying for a policy, be sure to do your diligence and research State Farm's performance. Why not ask your friends and family members about their State Farm experience?

Step #2 — Enter Your ZIP Code

The first step to getting your State Farm auto insurance quote is to go to their website's main page and enter your Texas ZIP code.

Step #3 — Enter Your Information

Then, you will need to enter your name, birth date, and home address. After filling all the boxes, click "Next" to continue.

Step #4 — Agree to the Privacy Policy

State Farm will ask you to read their privacy policy and agree to their terms and conditions. Be sure to go over the material in its entirety to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Step #5 — Get Your Car Info Ready

State Farm will determine the value of your vehicle by asking for its make and model. The information needed is different if you're asking for a State Farm home insurance quote, but the process is just as simple.

Step #6 — Determine Your Car's Make and Model

If you don't have the exact model of your vehicle, you can click the "Don't see your style" option for alternatives.

Step #7 — Save Your Progress

What if you still lack the necessary information? Don't worry because you can stop and save your progress any time by providing your email address.

Step #8 — Add Drivers

After providing the details on your vehicle, State Farm will inquire about the name, birth date, driver's license number, and social security number of all its potential drivers.

Step #9 — Get Help if You Need It

If you need some additional assistance for your State Farm quote, call the State Farm customer service that's available 24/7. You can also check their FAQs for more helpful information.

Step #10 — Get Your Personalized Quotes

Once you enter your contact details, you'll finally receive several State Farm quotes that each represent different types of coverage.

What You'll Need to Apply

For an auto insurance policy, you will need to bring your vehicle and driver information. Keep in mind that the requirements are different for other types of insurance.

State Farm Mobile App

Is there an App for State Farm?

State Farm has a mobile app that makes all its services more streamlined and accessible. They offer versions for Apple and Android users, with both having overwhelmingly positive reviews.

How do I Download the State Farm App?

You can download the State Farm mobile app on Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on your device. If you have trouble finding the app, you can text MOBILE to 78836 for a link.

How Does the State Farm App Work?

The State Farm mobile app allows you to manage your accounts, make payments, file a claim, get assistance from the State Farm customer service, and more. You can also bypass the need to get a copy of your State Farm ID card on line because you can easily show it through the app.

How Do I Sign Up for the State Farm App?

The State Farm app for new drivers will automatically ask you to set up a new account. If you already have one, simply input your State Farm login details.

State Farm Car Insurance FAQs

Can I Get Copies of My State Farm ID Card On line?

Yes. Simply log in through State Farm's website to print a copy of your card and even request a new ID card.

Can I Send Payments to State Farm On line?

Yes. Policyholders can pay their bills on line by logging in to the State Farm website or their mobile apps.

How Much Liability Car Insurance Should I Get with State Farm?

Texas law requires residents to have at least $25,000 property damage coverage, $30,000 injury coverage per person, and $60,000 per accident.

Does State Farm Cover Flood Damage?

State Farm will cover the costs when a flood damages your vehicle, but only if you have an active comprehensive policy.

Does State Farm Provide Accident Forgiveness?

Yes, but it's only available to clients who have remained accident-free for at least nine years.

How Can I Show Proof of Insurance to the Authorities?

You can print a copy on line or download the State Farm mobile app to have a digital version that you can present as proof.

Will Drive Safe and Save Penalize Me for Bad Driving?

State Farm's app will record your driving habits, but it won't hike up your rates because of poor driving. It might mean, however, that you won't be eligible for their excellent driving discounts.

Do I Need to Create a State Farm Account to Use the App?

You can still use the app to access features like getting insurance quotes or finding a nearby agent or ATM without an account. However, some features, like making on line payments, will be locked.

I'm Already a State Farm Auto Insurance Customer. How do I Get a Quote for Another Policy?

Simply log in to your State Farm account, find your active auto policy, and click the "Quote" option. Then, your agent will get your request and send you a quote.

Ready to start saving on your car insurance? At Texas Insurance Ratings, Inc., we're here to do the heavy lifting for you. Simply enter your city ZIP code to compare the best insurance rates in the state!

The Bottom Line

Is State Farm Home Insurance a Good Deal?

As one of the most established home insurance providers in the country, State Farm offers various property insurance solutions. If you want home insurance backed by excellent 24/7 customer service and strong financial strength ratings, State Farm is for you.

However, their discounts are not as extensive as other insurers. Currently, they only offer lower prices for homes with automatic sprinklers, alarm equipment, updated home utilities, and impact-resistant roofing. The company also offers a loyalty discount for their clients who hold multiple policies.

Is State Farm Auto Insurance a Good Deal?

With a wide range of discounts, above-average claims satisfaction, and various coverage options, it makes sense that State Farm is the biggest auto insurance provider in the country. The size of the company means that they're very financially stable compared to most of their competitors. Unlike other carriers, they also provide coverage for specialty vehicles and funeral expenses.

Before you lock in on a policy, be sure to compare all your possible options to get the best deal possible. At Texas Insurance Ratings, Inc., we work hard to provide our fellow Texans with accurate, comprehensive insurance information to help them make informed decisions.

Simply enter your ZIP code and get instant insurance rate comparisons today!