Travelers' Financial Ratings

What Are Travelers' Financial Ratings?

Travelers Insurance ratings provide valuable information and feedback about the financial strength of the company. Ratings are available from many sources, including AM Best and S&P.

AM Best

AM Best rates Travelers highly with an A++ for a favorable business profile, strong operating performance, and appropriate enterprise risk management.


Travelers' S&P rating is a positive AA. This rating reflects the company’s positive financial outlook and long-term stability.

Travelers Reviews

Is Travelers a Good Insurance Company?

Travelers home insurance reviews and Travelers vehicle insurance ratings indicate that the company receives few complaints and handles those they receive in a positive way.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards Travelers an A+ rating, based on complaints and Travelers reviews BBB has received.

Google Reviews

Travelers vehicle insurance ratings are slightly below average, but the volume of customer complaints is less than expected for such a large company.

JD Power

JD Power rates Travelers auto insurance as “about average” based on data supplied by customers and their satisfaction with claims handling.

Consumer Reports

Travelers insurance is in the top ten home and auto insurance companies based on its customer services, coverage options, and discount availability.

Texas Complaint Stats

You can find the Texas Complaint Stats for Travelers Insurance agents near me by visiting the Texas Department of Insurance website.

Travelers Company History

Travelers History

Travelers was founded in 1864 and introduced accident insurance to the United States. Over 165 years of history in the insurance industry, Travelers has earned a sterling reputation for customer care, from pioneering mobile claims vehicles to offering specialized policies for women, online bankers, and even space flight and lunar exploration.

Texas Market Share

Travelers insurance plays a significant role in the state insurance markets it is a part of, including the market in Texas. Travelers homeowners insurance is ranked number 11 in the state, with a market share of 1.98%. Travelers workers’ compensation insurance rates even higher, sitting securely in the top ten insurance providers in the state.

Travelers in the Community

Travelers’ mission statement serves the community and their customers and maintains that goal through their work in their communities. Travelers Small Business Risk Education helps local women entrepreneurs, minorities, and veterans pursue their business dreams. Travelers also works with Habitat for Humanity, building communities up and growing safe, stable neighborhoods.

Travelers Covid Relief

Travelers offered billing relief for customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, suspending any penalties for non-payment, including cancellation of policies.  

Travelers Online Presence

In addition to their accessible website, Travelers has created the MyTravelers app, allowing customers to have all of their policy information and paperwork right at their fingertips. Travelers is also very present in social media, from Facebook to Twitter and beyond, making their online presence strong and reachable for everyone.

Travelers Commercials

The red umbrella is the most recognizable emblem for Travelers insurance and a regular part of their commercials, both on television and online.

Travelers Employees

For employees working at Travelers, helping families feel safe and encouraging businesses to prosper are part of the job. From customer service to claims and beyond, Travelers employees make a difference every day. At Travelers, you aren’t simply pursuing an insurance career; you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Rates

How Much is Travelers Homeowner’s Insurance?

Average annual Travelers homeowner’s insurance rates can run between $1,100 per year to upwards of $3,000 per year, depending on where you live in the state. Fort Worth, Texas, is among the most expensive areas when it comes to homeowner’s insurance.

Travelers Average Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates

City Average Annual Travelers Homeowner Insurance Rate
Houston $2423
Dallas $1961
Fort Worth $2341
San Antonio $1353
Austin $1447
Mckinney $1629
Edinburg $2452
El Paso $957
Denton $1902
Richmond $3049
Conroe $1551
Georgetown $1055
Brownsville $2784
Angleton $4212
Corpus Christi $6777
Belton $1566
Galveston $4189
Lubbock $2092
Laredo $1511
Beaumont $2954
Waco $2313

Is Travelers Home Insurance Expensive?

Travelers home insurance costs vary depending on where you live and what type of Travelers homeowner’s insurance coverage you are purchasing.

How Much is Travelers Insurance Monthly?

Travelers home insurance monthly costs can range as high as $260 per month in more expensive areas such as Fort Worth, but in general, the rate averages around $100-$120 per month.

Does Travelers Have Good Homeowners Insurance?

Travelers receives good ratings for their homeowner’s insurance coverage from multiple consumer review sources, including AM Best, S&P, and the BBB.

Types of Travelers Homeowners Policies

What Does Travelers Homeowners Policy Cover?

Travelers Homeowners Insurance coverage typically includes the costs of repairing or rebuilding your home if it suffers damage from one of the events covered by the policy. It also helps you replace or compensates you for personal property that is lost. Personal Liability Coverage protects you from claims against you or your family when someone suffers an injury or property damage on your property.

Does Travelers Have Good Homeowners Insurance?

Travelers offers many policies for homeowners insurance coverage, including Travelers Dwelling Coverage A, Travelers Personal Property Coverage B, and Travelers Homeowners Endorsements to cover additional threats and damages.

What 3 Areas Are Covered in a Typical Homeowners Policy?

Typical homeowners policies cover damage to your home, damage to your personal property, and protection from legal claims against you if people are injured or their property damaged on your property.

Travelers Discounts

What Discounts Does Travelers Offer?

Travelers discounts list includes a multi-policy discount that combines auto insurance with three other policies. Travelers home insurance discounts include the Home Buyer Discount for customers who have purchased their new home within the 12 months before the policy became active.

How Can I Lower My Travelers Insurance?

There are many discounts available, such as the Good Student discount Travelers offers teen drivers as a reward for good grades and the Travelers Loyalty discount for staying with the same company for several years.

How Do I Get a Travelers Safe Driving Discount?

Safe driving discounts are available from Travelers for a good driving record, completing driving education courses, keeping your mileage low, and using anti-theft devices in your vehicle.

Does Travelers Offer AARP Discounts?

AARP members may be eligible for discounts. Contact your local Texas Travelers agent to find out what discounts you can get.

Travelers Auto Insurance Rates

How Much is Travelers Car Insurance per Month?

Travelers car insurance in Texas ranges from $260 to $641 per year, depending on where in Texas you live. Contact your local agent for a customized Travelers insurance quote. 

Travelers Average Texas Auto Insurance Rates

City Average Annual Travelers Auto Insurance Rate
Dallas $1256
Houston $1251
Richmond $1169
Denton $1130
Austin $1116
Brownsville $1115
Edinburg $1100
McKinney $1098
Beaumont $1098
Fort Worth $1092
San Antonio $1058
Galveston $1051
Corpus Christi $1020
Georgetown $1005
Conroe $989
Laredo $955
Lubbock $939
Waco $929
El Paso $884
Angleton $878
Belton $779

Is Travelers Insurance Expensive?

Travelers insurance for vehicles in Texas is fairly inexpensive. You can take advantage of the many discounts they have to further lower your rate. Contact Travelers customer service for more information.

Is Travelers a Good Car Insurance Company?

Travelers insurance receives positive feedback and reviews from customers, both for the quality of coverage and handling claims and complaints.

What is Full Coverage Insurance Travelers?

Full coverage is a combination of coverages to suit your individual needs. It consists of liability coverage as its base, with other coverages added on, such as comprehensive or collision. 

Travelers Renter’s Insurance Rates

How Much is Renter’s Insurance Through Travelers?

Travelers renter’s insurance rates average from $170 to $350 per year based on where you live in the state.

Travelers Insurance Average Texas Renters Insurance Rates

City Average Annual Travelers Insurance Renters Insurance Rate
Houston $226
Houston $202
Dallas $151
Dallas $187
Fort Worth $128
Fort Worth $193
San Antonio $199
San Antonio $236
Austin $145
Austin $198
McKinney $183
McKinney $128
Edinburg $189
Edinburg $179
El Paso $180
El Paso $155
Denton $148
Denton $194
Richmond $242
Richmond $189
Conroe $142
Conroe $207
Georgetown $133
Georgetown $173
Brownsville $218
Brownsville $199
Angleton $353
Angleton $234
Corpus Christi $238
Corpus Christi $190
Belton $212
Belton $130
Galveston $246
Galveston $234
Lubbock $125
Lubbock $215
Laredo $155
Laredo $187
Beaumont $231
Beaumont $189
Waco $192
Waco $136

Does Travelers Offer Renter’s Insurance Discounts?

When you purchase multiple policies, including your Travelers renter’s insurance policy, you may be able to save money, especially if you have a home security system as well.

How Much Does 300k Renter’s Insurance cost?

A $300,000 renters liability insurance policy would cost around $340 per year, depending on where you live in Texas.

Does Travelers Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Generally, your Travelers auto insurance policy will cover rental vehicles. Check with your Travelers insurance agent for more information. 

Travelers Condo Insurance Rates

Does Travelers Offer Condo Insurance?

A Travelers condominium unit owners policy is available to protect you, your unit, and your belongings.

How Much Does Condo Homeowner’s Insurance Cost?

The cost of your condo homeowner’s insurance policy will vary depending on where you live in Texas. The average cost is around $625 per year, including $60,000 in personal property coverage at a $100 deductible.

Travelers Average Texas Condo Insurance Rates

City Average Annual Travelers Condominium Insurance Rate
Houston $1601
Houston $762
Dallas $654
Dallas $449
Fort Worth $654
Fort Worth $327
San Antonio $991
San Antonio $330
Austin $432
Austin $594
McKinney $398
McKinney $628
Edinburg $404
Edinburg $811
El Paso $371
El Paso $644
Denton $443
Denton $638
Richmond $934
Richmond $931
Conroe $642
Conroe $493
Georgetown $375
Georgetown $611
Brownsville $842
Brownsville $949
Angleton $2414
Angleton $1120
Corpus Christi $740
Corpus Christi $891
Belton $700
Belton $296
Galveston $1344
Galveston $1803
Lubbock $719
Lubbock $268
Laredo $276
Laredo $592
Beaumont $1165
Beaumont $954
Waco $341
Waco $657

How Much Coverage Do I Need for Condo Insurance?

The amount of condo insurance you need depends on your daily needs and expenses, as well as the value of your personal property.

Is Insurance Cheaper on a Condo?

Condos typically have lower rates for homeowner’s insurance than single-family homes. Talk to your Travelers agent to find the best discounts and condo insurance rates for you.

Coverages Offered by Travelers

Types of Coverages Offered

What does Travelers full coverage auto insurance cover? Several types of coverage are involved in full coverage, beginning with liability coverage that includes bodily injury and any property damage. It also provides compensation for injuries to others and damages to other people’s property caused by your vehicle.

When You Are at Fault

When you are found at fault for an accident, your liability coverage can pay up to the previously selected limit. It can also provide for your legal defense if you’re sued.

When You Are Not at Fault

If you are not at fault, your policy can still provide much-needed coverage for you and your family as you recover.

Vehicle Protection

Your Travelers auto policy booklet details the coverage you have. Basic coverage includes liability, which is required at the minimum to drive your vehicle. You can add additional Travelers endorsement codes, such as Travelers uninsured motorist coverage, collision, and comprehensive.

Personal Protection

Personal injury protection (PIP) is also called “no-fault” insurance. This coverage pays medical expenses regardless of whose fault the accident is. It also may cover lost wages and other types of monetary damage. Medical expense coverage may also be added for additional assistance for injuries and in the event of legal action.

Additional Car Insurance Options

In addition to Liability coverage and Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage, Travelers offers Collision coverage, which is generally required if your car is leased or financed. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage not caused by a vehicle collision, such as hitting a deer. And Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments coverage add additional protection for injuries and legal defense.

Factors that Affect Your Rate

The main factors that influence your auto insurance rate include your vehicle history and safety rating, your driving history, where you live and use your vehicle, and the components of the insurance policy itself. Your credit score may also play a role in the rates you are offered.

Getting the Best Rate with Travelers

The first step in getting a reasonable rate with Travelers is to talk with your insurance agent. They can look at all your information and help you customize the coverage you need. They can also help you find discounts and programs that will help save you money.

Travelers’s Programs

In addition to auto insurance, Travelers offers a variety of home and business coverage options. You can customize policies with endorsements to suit your unique insurance needs. With specialized programs and discounts available, you can save money while protecting yourself, your family, your property, and your future.

Canceling Your Travelers Policy

How to Cancel (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you need to cancel a Travelers policy, choose one of the options below to complete the process.

By Phone:

You can cancel by phone. Call 1-800-842-5075 and speak directly to a representative to arrange cancellation.

By Mail or Fax:

You can cancel by mail or fax. Write a Travelers cancellation notice letter that includes your name, policy number, and termination date. Send it to:


P.O. Box 5600

Hartford, CT 06102.


You can also cancel at your local Travelers office. Just stop by and speak to an agent.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your policy at any time. If switching companies, make sure your new policy is active before you cancel your current one.

How to Make a Travelers Claim

Ease of Making a Claim

Before you file your claim, look over your insurance policy to see if the policy covers the damage or if it’s excluded. Next, determine if you need to file a claim. If someone was injured, you damaged someone else’s property or vehicle, or damages to your home or vehicle have made them unsafe, you need to file a claim.

If you have questions about filing a claim, call Customer Service at the Travelers Claims phone number: 1-800-252-4633. Visit Travelers’ website for more information about filing a claim, check the status of your claim, and find additional information and advice.

Premiums Written

When you pay your insurance premiums, the company writes them into their books. However, if your insurance policy is relatively new, for example, less than a year, and the premiums for that year have not been fully paid when the claim is filed, the company might be lost when you file your claim.

Loss Ratio

The loss ratio indicates the losses paid out by the company compared to the premiums earned. It’s expressed as a percentage. Insurance companies like Travelers take the total losses paid out plus any added adjustment expenses and divide that number by the total earned premiums to calculate the loss ratio. Earned premiums are premiums entirely paid for a policy during a set period, usually a year.

The resulting percentage tells how well the company is performing, and in the case of a specific claim, represents how well the company is performing while handling your claim.

How to Get a Travelers Quote Online

Step #1 - Ask About Travelers

Step #2 - Enter Your Zip Code

Type in your zip code to customize your insurance quotes to your Texas location.

Step #3 - Enter your Information

Enter in your information, including information about your home or vehicle to ensure a custom quote.

Step #4 - Agree to the Privacy Policy

Click your agreement to the privacy policy to continue.

Step #5 - Get Your Car Info Ready

If you’re getting an auto insurance quote, you’ll need information about your car, including the make and model.

Step #6 - Determine Your Car’s Make and Model

If you don’t otherwise know the exact make and model year for your car, locate that information before starting.

Step #7 - Save Your Progress

Be sure to save your progress as you go so you can come back in and finish if you need to stop.

Step #8 - Add Drivers

Add anyone who may be driving your car so they can be included under your new policy and factored into the price.

Step #9 - Get Help If You Need It

If you need help, reach out to Travelers customer service for assistance.

Step #10 - Get Your Personalized Quotes

Once all the information is in, we deliver your personalized auto insurance quote to you.

What You’ll Need to Apply

To apply for car insurance, you will need a copy of your driver’s license, your social security number, your bank information, and your vehicle’s VIN.

Travelers Car Insurance FAQs

Can I Get Copies of My Travelers ID Card Online?

You can get copies of your Travelers ID card online through the MyTravelers app, which is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Can I Make Payments to Travelers Online?

You can make payments to Travelers online at or register and log in to the MyTravelers app to pay your bill or set up automatic payments.

How Much Liability Car Insurance Should I Get with Travelers?

Texas requires liability insurance limits of 30/60/25, which means your Travelers car insurance policy should cover up to $30,000 for a single person’s injuries, $60,000 for all people injured in an accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

Does Travelers Cover Flooding?

Travelers does offer flood insurance as additional insurance for your home, condo, apartment, or business.

Does Travelers Offer Accident Forgiveness?

Yes, for drivers with a good record, Travelers does offer accident forgiveness when you purchase a Responsible Driver Plan.

How Do I Show Proof of Insurance to Authorities?

Travelers will mail your proof of insurance to you. You can also obtain it online and print it out, or you can show it on your phone using the app.

Will a Responsible Driver Plan Penalize Me for Bad Driving?

A Responsible Driver Plan does not penalize you for bad driving, but it does reward you for good driving, including reducing your deductible every six months if all drivers on the policy are accident-free.

Do I Have to Register at to Use the App?

You need to register for the MyTravelers app before you can utilize it. Contact your Travelers agent if you need assistance getting signed up.

I am a Travelers auto insurance customer. How can I get a quote for another auto insurance policy online?

If you are a current Travelers auto insurance policyholder, contact your local Travelers agent to get a new quote for another vehicle.

Travelers Mobile App

Is There an App for Travelers?

Travelers has a mobile app for customer use and convenience. You can download the Travelers mobile app on Google Play or the Apple App Store and use your Travelers login to access your policies at any time.

How Do I Download the Travelers App?

Go to Google Play or the App Store, download the free app, log in, and you’re ready to access all your information.

How Does the Travelers App Work?

The Travelers app allows you to access your Travelers ID card online, as well as all your policy and insurance card information. You can also pay bills, report claims, and make automatic payments.

How Do I Sign up for Travelers App?

You can register for the Travelers app through the Travelers website or talk to your agent to help you get started.

The Bottom Line

Is Travelers Home Insurance a Good Deal?

Travelers home insurance is a solid policy you can customize to suit your individual property needs. There are many coverage options available that other carriers do not offer. Their discount offerings are a bit thin compared to other insurance industry discounts available.

The company’s rates are not as competitive as other insurance companies, but the number of endorsements makes them worth a look. If you need a low-limit policy, $75,000 or less, Travelers could be the insurance company you’re looking for.

Is Travelers Auto Insurance a Good Deal?

Travelers can be a great choice for auto insurance, primarily because of the variety of discounts available. The IntelliDrive program can lower your rates by up to 20% if you maintain good driving habits. You have to do the work to locate your discounts and maintain your eligibility.

Travelers offers some unique coverage options that increase its appeal. Loan or Lease Gap Insurance will cover the difference between the value of your car and the unpaid portion of the loan or lease if your car is totaled.

Travelers also offers accident forgiveness programs that cancel the increase in rates after an accident occurs. These programs include the Responsible Driver Plan and the premier Responsible Driver Plan.